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At LPG Auto Network, we make sure that your vehicle’s LPG conversion is done with the best products and with the utmost professional care that your vehicle deserves.

Not every LPG system is suitable for every type of vehicle, so it is important that the right system is matched to your specific vehicle. At LPG Auto Network, we can choose from a large range of LPG Car Conversion products in Melbourne to find the most suitable match to ensure that you have a trouble-free LPG experience. Our expert technicians have a wealth of experience in selecting that right system for each vehicle and ensuring that it installed like it was done in the factory.

LPG and Car Repairs – Car Servicing
LPG Servicing
At LPG Auto Network, we are the gas repair specialists. Even if you have had your vehicle converted elsewhere, bring it to us for those gas problems that no one else can solve. We have the hi-tech equipment and expertise to diagnose and repair gas problems such as backfiring and poor economy. We use state of the art Diagnostic Lap Top Computers and Engine Management Scanners to diagnose your LPG faults. Dyno tuning is also available.

When your vehicle is on LPG, you will need a service done for the LPG system which is separate to the car service. At LPG Auto Network, we believe that the LPG system requires a thorough safety and component check which cannot be achieved during a car service. This will ensure that the optimum safety and running efficiency of your vehicle is maintained. The LPG service also needs to be performed by a licensed LPG mechanic which your normal mechanic cannot do.

It is also important to maintain both services as they can both affect each other.

• Done every 20,000 kms or 12 months
• Includes LPG Safety Check
• Includes Computerised LPG Tune, Emission Check & Adjustment
• Check the Engine Management System with Diagnostic Scanner
• Includes Full Inspection of LPG components to ensure correct operation

Car Service – Car Repair
At LPG Auto Network, we also perform fixed price car servicing for all types of cars. This includes an oil and oil filter change, top ups to fluids, a thorough itemised vehicle mechanical inspection and a written vehicle safety report. This should be done every 10,000 kms or every 6 months. This will ensure that your car is running at its optimum efficiency and so can keep your petrol bill down. A proper vehicle mechanical inspection and car repairs will help you to save a lot of money and could prevent unnecessary breakdowns as it can alert you to potential problems before they turn into a major expensive repair.

We can also perform specialized 4WD servicing, log book servicing, Automatic Transmission servicing and Fuel Injection system servicing.

We are VACC accredited and licensed to issue Roadworthy certificates.

Our workshops are equipped with the latest technology to improve the performance of your vehicle. This includes computerized tuning and diagnosis of engine management problems and Dyno tuning is also available.

• Done every 10,000 kms or 6 months
• Includes Vehicle Inpection
• Includes Vehicle Safety Report
• Includes Oil & Oil Filter Change & Top Ups

We also offer:
• Log Book Servicing
• 4WD Services
• Automatic Transmission Servicing
• Fuel Injection System Servicing
• Major mechanical repairs
• Pre-purchase Buyers Check
• Roadworthy Certificates
• Gas Tank Testing
• Valve & Shim Adjustments
• Diagnosing Engine Management System faults

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