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We can perform log book services on the following makes and will maintain your warranty.
NRMA MotorServe Tuggeranong Car Servicing and Repairs Centre is a state-of-the-art workshops covering all your car servicing needs. We specialise in new and old car servicing, log book checks, general maintenance and car repairs, vehicle inspections and more.

It doesn't matter if you are after a Holden car service, Ford car service, Hyundai car service, Mitsubishi car service, Toyota car service, Mazda car service, Honda car service...etc... We handle all makes and models.

NRMA MotorServe is 100% owned by NRMA Motoring & Services. We offer good honest car servicing and mechanical repairs. NRMA MotorServe guarantees all workmanship and fitted parts with a minimum warranty of 6 months or 10,000km travelled (which ever occurs first). Subject to limited conditions.

NRMA MotorServe only use experienced mechanics and high quality parts & lubricants. We set time frames and make sure we stick to them. We offer fair and transparent pricing, with no hidden surprises and we will never commence any work on a customer’s vehicle without contacting them and getting their permission first.

Our experienced mechanics provide high quality car servicing at a competitive price with discounted rates for NRMA Members.

NRMA MotorServe offers a range of maintenance and repair options*:
• RTA Registration
• Rego check / Pink Slips
• Brakes
• Suspension
• Power steering fluid flush
• Diff fluid flush
• Transmission service
• Battery & charging system check
• Wheel alignment
• Rotation & balance
• Tyres & puncture repairs
• Air-conditioner re-gas
• Engine tune up
• Throttle body service and upper engine clean
• Coolant Flush
• Exhausts
• Windscreen repairs & replacement
• Window tinting (Artarmon only)
• Facilitate & manager major repairs that require specialist attention through our extended network of specialist suppliers
* Some specialty services are available. These differ from store to store.

40-point safety check
At NRMA MotorServe, we offer a 40-point vehicle safety check prior to starting any car service. This is a very comprehensive 40-point check that allows us to learn about the state of your vehicle when you bring it to us.

Consistent with our commitment to transparency and safety, the 40-point safety check helps us explain any issues we find with your car. More importantly, it helps you to understand our recommendations and it sets the expectations around the service with you.

The result is you're completely informed. You know exactly which repairs are critical and why, and you can decide exactly what want to do and pay for - prior to any work starting.

This safety check includes:
• Road test (including checking, transmission, engine, diff, suspension, driveline, clutch and body report).
• Tyres
• Oil fluid leaks
• Brakes
• Steering
• Suspension / Driveline
• General (including checking, exhaust, lights, belts, hoses, wipers).

Pink slip
To register your car it needs to undergo a REGO Check and obtain a "pink slip" from a mechanic proving that your car is roadworthy and safe to drive.

NRMA MotorServe is also a registered e-Safety station and will automatically lodge your inspection results with the RTA. This saves you the need to visit an RTA office in person.

Log book service
NRMA MotorServe can service cars that are covered by new car warranty. Your log book will be stamped and warranty upheld. This is because we:
• Adhere to the manufacturer's servicing schedule
• Are correctly licensed by the MVRIA
• Use parts and materials that are equivalent or to the original parts that were fitted to your vehicle.

Most new cars only require servicing during their warranty period rather than repairs. However, if during your service we do identify any work that should be covered by your warranty we will let you know as you may decide to get this work carried out by your vehicle manufacturer.

We are licensed by the Motor Vehicle Repairs Industry Association (MVRIA), plus we use parts and materials that are equivalent to the original parts that were fitted to your vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection check
NRMA MotorServe car condition checks are comprehensive inspections of the major mechanical and safety systems in your car. We provide a written car condition report outlining our findings and discuss it with you.

As part of a car condition check we:
•examine all tyres (including spare) and adjust pressure if required
•remove wheels and check condition of brakes
•check and adjust handbrake (if required)
•visually inspect hoses and pipes
•visually inspect oil leaks
•check steering including rod ends, cv joints, rack & pinion
• check exhaust
• check suspension
• test headlights, indicator, park and brake lights
• check condition of wiper blades
• check condition of engine belts
• assess need for wheel alignment
• battery test and report
• check underbody of car
• check seatbelts
• road test (if required)

Flushing services
NRMA MotorServe offers flushing services that replace and protect your car's components and maintain performance.
The engine, radiator, transmission, power steering, brakes and fuel injectors all rely on some type of fluid. With age, heat and contaminants these fluids break down in quality and need to be regularly flushed and replaced.

-- Radiator Flushing --
At MotorServe we check coolant levels during every service.

Radiator coolant is the most important part of your car's cooling system and protects your engine from overheating.

When a cooling system is not serviced regularly or the incorrect coolant additive is used, rust, scale, and corrosion can occur. This can restrict coolant flow, causing overheating, and slowly corrode the metal parts, leading to component failure or coolant leakage.

-- Transmission Flushing --
NRMA MotorServe will select the right kind of automatic transmission fluids as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

Most motor manufacturers recommend that the transmission fluid be replaced every 40,000km to 60,000km or more regularly if the vehicle is used for towing or continuous city driving.

-- Power Steering Flush --
MotorServe recommends replacing the power steering fluid every 3 years or 45,000km to ensure you have optimum performance from your power steering system.

-- Engine Flushing Service --
For new cars and cars that have a service history of engine flushes, MotorServe can carry out a flush to help improve fuel efficiency, reduce toxic emissions, improve the functioning of your engine and extend the life of your spark plugs.

If however you have an older vehicle and haven't had an engine flush for some time, we don't recommend carrying out this service.

-- Brake Fluid Change --
Whenever working on your brakes, NRMA MotorServe always tests your brake fluid condition.

A brake fluid flush is recommended when major work is done to your brakes, or minimum every two years to ensure there is adequate corrosion inhibitor in your brake fluid.

NRMA MotorServe always disposes of used brake fluid in an environmentally responsible manner.

-- Fuel Injector System Flush –
If we suspect a contaminated fuel system, we thoroughly clean it out to remove the build up of particles. This can improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. We also recommend that the fuel filter be replaced at this point to avoid dirt from the filter entering the system again.

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